Construction Quality Management (CQM) – Online

Construction Quality Management (CQM) for Contractors Online

As previously provided in our In-Class training course, our CQM Online course will meet or exceed the training requirements outlined by NAVFAC/USACE for Quality Control Manager appointment. The CQM Online course will be taught by Mr. Kugan who has conducted two-hundred twenty-five In-Class CQM training courses since 2005.

The USACE districts prefer training from USACE trainers and not third-party online courses. If you are seeking a certificate for appointment, contact your local USACE office for course training offerings.

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Course Details

Cost: $279.00
Access: 30 Days (From first log-in)
Duration: +16 Hours of Training Material
Course Cannot be Completed in 2 Days,
Average Course Completion is 16 to 24 hours across 5-7 Days
Instructor Office Hours:
10:00 am – 12:00 pm PST, 7 Days a Week
Please call Kugan at 858-212-2941
Recommended Training: Desktop or Laptop Computer

CQM Online Course Overview

This online 16 hour certificate course consists of video presentation modules and exercises. At the end of each module there will be a short quiz. There are also 2 written assignments throughout the training which will be graded by the course facilitator. At the end of the course, the student will take a Final Exam consisting of 40 multiple choice questions with a required passing score of 80% or better. Before taking the final exam, all end of module quizzes and written assignments must be completed before the final exam will become available. After completing the course and passing the final exam, the student will be able to download a temporary Certificate of Completion. A hard copy of the Certificate of Completion will be mailed to the student in addition to an email copy for your records.

About This Course

Why Take This Course
Contractors engaged in doing business with NAVFAC & USACE are required to provide a trained Quality Control Manager for every project.

Who Should Take This Course
Contractor’s field personnel (Superintendent, Foremen, Quality Control Manager, Alternate Quality Control Manager, and Field Engineer) as well as office personnel (Project Manager, Office Engineer, and Project Engineer).

Course Objective

This course is designed to familiarize the student with the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Construction Quality Management and QC Organization requirements. The student will be familiar with the QC documentations and record keeping as well as inspection and testing procedures. After the successful completion of this course the student will have enough knowledge/information to be able to prepare a “Quality Control Plan” for any project.

This course is presented in two distinct parts. The first part of the training (Module 0) provides the basics for those construction personnel who have not worked on USACE or NAVFAC Army Construction Contracts. The second part of the training (Modules 1 through 7) focuses on USACE and NAVFAC Construction Quality Management concepts and procedures and how to successfully implement the “Quality Control Plan”.

CQM Online Frequently Asked Questions

Several hundred participants have already successfully completed this course. We currently have students seeking NAVFAC appointment who are taking or have completed this CQM Online course.

The USACE districts prefer training from USACE trainers and not third-party online courses. If you are seeking a certificate for appointment, contact your local USACE office for course training offerings.

A certificate of completion will be provided. We believe our CQM Online class will meet or exceed the training requirements outlined by NAVFAC/USACE for Quality Control Manager appointment.

We will work quickly to issue a digital certificate of course completion after the course has been completed. The certificate is wet signed and then scanned. Depending on what time of day you complete the course we can issue the digital version within three business days from course completion.  We offer an expedite service to issue the course completion certificate faster so please visit our Additional Services page if you are interested in this service.

Yes, the instructor is available seven days a week between 10:00am – 12:00 pm PST. Please contact 858-212-2941 with any CQM Online course questions. In addition, all email inquiries are answered within 13 hours.

This is a 100% online class and there is no in-class, face-to-face interaction.

The CQM Online course has +16 hours of training material and has additional class exercises that need to be graded by the instructor. Because this course has exercises which are graded by the instructor this course cannot be completed in two (2) days. Our average student spends nearly 16 to 24 hours working on the course material from start to finish. This course may take you less or more time depending on your experience.

Yes, there are two assignments that are required to be submitted, reviewed and approved by the instructor prior to proceeding to the next training module during this online course.

Yes, there are end of training module quizzes that must be completed prior to proceeding to the next training module. You have two attempts to complete the quiz with a passing grade. If you do not pass on both attempts the instructor will coordinate with you to reset the module quiz.

If you do not pass the final exam the instructor will contact you with guidance on make-up work. After completing the make-up work, you will be allowed to retake the final exam.

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The Training Will Emphasize:

  • Role of the Contracting Officer
  • Role of the Contracting Officer’s Representative
  • Field Office Organization Structure
  • General Contract Clauses
  • Pre-Construction Conference
  • Safety Enforcement
  • Request for Information
  • Inspection Vs Control
  • Definable Feature of Work [DFOW]
  • What is Construction Quality Management (CQM)?
  • Contractor Quality Control
  • Government Quality Assurance
  • Contractor and Government Responsibilities
  • Contractor’s Review of Drawings and Specification
  • Quality Management Planning
  • Purpose and Components of Quality Control Plan
  • Quality Control Plan Review and Acceptance Procedures
  • Pre Construction Conferences and the Coordination Meeting (Mutual Understanding Meeting) – Navy)
  • Contractor Approved Submittals
  • Government Approved Submittals
  • Submittal Register
  • Concept of Three-Phase Control System
  • Preparatory Phase Meeting
  • Preparatory Phase Checklist
  • Initial Phase Meeting
  • Initial Phase Checklist
  • Follow Up Phase
  • Quality Control Report
  • Deficiency Tracking System/ Rework Item List
  • Testing Procedures
  • Quality Control Testing
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Close out Procedures

     JM – Although this course is 100% digital and online, the format, exercises and quizzes make this course one of the most interactive engaging training courses I have taken. The information is in-depth and important items are touched on throughout the training to ensure retention.
     MS – As you know the on-line version took longer than the 16 hours, however with that stated it is my opinion I did learn more whether from added information and/or the way it was presented. I liked the practical approach to this training, the detailed information on the QC Plan components such as the DFOW’s, subtasks, examples and how they pertain to the Three Phases of Control, and the NAS Schedule. My understanding of Planning & Control as it applies to the QC Program is now at a higher level after this course. The information about the Government QA side that they should have the DFOW’s, and various other background insight is helpful.
     BL – I loved that you had to follow along, that skipping ahead was not an option. I loved this course. I have been telling everyone about it, and how much great information I got out of it. I’m hoping my facility pays for us to take the 40-hour Online EM-385-1 class. Cant wait!
     AK – The best aspect of the course was the communication line between You and the student. I appreciated that we could reach out at any time for help. I am very satisfied. Thank you! I hope you stay safe during this troubling time, and I appreciate what you are doing.
     KC – The Kugan CQC course is much more comprehensive from the in-person courses that I have taken in the past. I wish that this was my 1st introduction to CQM. I would have had a better understanding of QCM and reduced by mistakes over the years.
     EP – I especially liked how Kugan kept me on my toes with his training style. I appreciate the deep respect that he has for the QC/QA system as it relates to projects. His training empowers QCMs to fulfill their employers’ contractual responsibilities, and protects the interests of all customers. This, by far, is one of the absolute best courses I have ever taken. You are guaranteed to learn and be steered in the path of success. Much respect, Kugan!
     SG – I liked the very detailed presentation of each module and it covered all the requirements and expectations by providing various examples and scenarios that helped with a better understanding of why each element of the QC program is needed and important for a successful project. I didn’t find weak aspects. I’ve been through several rounds of QCM training over the last 20 years and I feel that this material and format explained it very well, and everyone involved in projects that apply these principles and program should take this training. I’m very satisfied with this course and I will highly recommend it to others.
     RV – As always Mr. Kugan has developed a program that is thorough and very precise extremely knowledgeable. I have taken this course at least 5 times from MR. Kugan and twice from other instructors in NAVFAV since I am a current Government employee and it always amazes me how this refresher course teaches me each time. I salute Mr. Kugan on this presentation. AS stated earlier I am personally extremely pleased with the overall quality of this course and being a current Government employee I personally would stress that all technical personnel as well as acquisition personnel should be required to take this course it could be an eye opener for all.
     HL – Mr. Kugan, Thank you very much for the course, I truly enjoyed it. I like the fact that you use real examples to explain all of the different situations that one can encounter at the jobsite. I’ve definitely learned and relearned many aspects of Quality Control Management through this course. Having been a COR for a few years, this course has given me a more solid foundation on how to better oversee contracts on behalf of the USG. Thank you very much.
     JC – 1) The overall design of the course and the way it’s presented, so format was best aspect. 2) It’s not so much that there was a weak aspect…there really wasn’t any. It was more like some areas were more challenging than others. (a good thing!) 3) Very satisfied with quality… always kept me interested and certainly raised the concentration levels! What an excellent adaption from classroom to online… almost like I was right there. 4) This course kept me on the edge of my seat, so to speak, in its entirety. Best online course I’ve ever taken! I will definitely be a returning student whether on line or in the classroom. Well done, Kugan! You’re certainly a treasure to our line of work.
     LS – I liked the ability to do it at my pace. I was able to ask questions from the material I learned the next day that I worked. (They are all certified already). I am very satisfied with the course. Kugan is extremely helpful. I was stuck a couple of times and he explained it to me. It also stuck in my head from that point on. I am glad I had the opportunity to do this on line and at my own pace. I feel that enabled me to be successful. I also thank Kugan for all of his help. I understand why my boss thinks the world of you.
     ST – What I liked about the course was that it was complete in every detail. This course was designed and taught well enough that someone with no background in Construction Quality Management could complete the course and be well versed in all aspects. I have taken the course a couple of times in person and Kugan is a great instructor, he keeps everyone involved and makes it interesting. Very satisfied with the course. Also very satisified with Kugan not accepting mediocre work.
     MO – I really enjoyed this course. Usually, online trainings are not good. People usually run the training videos in the background and then answer multiple choice questions at the end. There’s no learning. However, this course was an entirely different experience. The way it was set up made it feel like I was having one-on-one training. Kugan made himself available and answered any questions promptly via email or by phone. It shows that Kugan is truly dedicated to teaching.
     SP – I appreciated the time spent to highlight aspects and intentions of the documents being discussed and that you related them to real life situations. Knowing that I could contact you (and did) was huge. That accomplished a couple of things, it let me know I had a great instructor and also that I would be held to full account.
     KJ – I very much liked the detail that Kugan used. He covered every part of the material at least 3 different ways, to drill the information into my head! This is the third time I have taken this course; the first two times was in Virginia in Classroom. This time online with Kugan was far more instructional, Informative. I got much more out of Kugan’s Course. I feel that I can do my QCM job better from this point on. I would recommend this course to others in my field. I would take this Course again and I look forward to taking other online course from Kugan i.e. Safety Courses etc.
     RA – Overall I liked everything about the course. The way Kugan explained information and reference modules to each other. He made it easy to follow along. I do not think there should be anything changed, I liked it. He made himself available if he did have questions. I was very satisfied with the course.
     DT – This online version was very similar to the actual classroom experience when I flew to San Diego years back. I enjoyed the structure and way it was easy to Hop around the pdf documents in order to mark up for note taking.
     DH – This course was one of the most through and challenging online classes that I have ever taken. Material was very well presented. You as an instructor showed great passion for the subject.
     MJ – The primary aspect of the course that impressed most was the thorough nature of the course material. During my study phase for the test I was even more impressed by the amount of knowledge shared and the effective nature of the material. I learned a lot and retained a lot, rare in on-line courses. The downloads were very well done and essential to follow-up reviews after completing a module and final exam preparation.
     DP – Thank you. I really enjoyed this online course. I felt it was more 1 on 1 with teacher / student allowing for a more engaging interaction rather than a classroom type of lecture. The only thing missed was the snacks LOL.
     MS – Aspects of the course I liked it best: I was able to take the course from my home during the covid 19 probelm. I like the detailed way everything was presented and the instructors knowledge of the subject. How satisfied am I with the quality of this course? This is an excellent course and instructor. I have recommended it to my co-workers who should take the course. The Army course is about 4 to 6 hours long and does not go into detail like Mr. Kugan. He is the SME on QCM.
     TL – This course broke everything down to the smallest detail and had great explanation on how it works in the real world. Overall I am very, very satisfied with this course and I will be back in 5 years.
     JM – I feel the course is well put together, informative, and Very thorough. I feel I learned a lot of valuable insights that will be beneficial to myself and my employers for years to come. This was very challenging for me as I am a hands on Carpenter of 25+ years. felt a bit overwhelmed at times but the information was broken down into bite size pieces that made it a bit more manageable. hank you Kugan and staff for all your time and efforts.
     AM – I feel that the work was better than when I took this 8 years ago. As a Project Superintendent on Federal jobs, it was exactly what is needed to understand the jobsite and be a great QC.
     DV – Thanks for providing the opportunity to take this course online. I found it beneficial to me and a convenient way to re-familiarize myself with Quality Management. I felt the course was on point, direct and easy to follow. The pace of the course and the multimedia presentation suited my learning style and I hope you are able to continue this as an option in the future. Thanks again.
     OF – Thank you for this course and I just want to say that all the examples were truly helpful and that your detailed explaining was very efficient and helped me learn the material. I am very satisfied with the quality of this course and wouldn’t change a thing, so thank you!
     HM – I wish this was offered online during regular time as well. Overall I was very satisfied with this course & I really learned a lot. I will apply what I learned to be a better person & help out the Federal Project I’m currently doing in Texas.
     DK – I have just completed Mr Kugan’s QCM 16 hour on line class. I originally took the course in person with Mr Kugan and this is my 3rd Certification I have obtained with him. I have taken other classes on line and they are somewhat difficult to follow sometimes but Mr Kugan really cares about the student and the fact that we need to learn for the right reasons which is to conduct ourselves professionally and protect the interests of everyone involved, The Government, the Contractor and the Workers at all times. I would recommend this course which is not a push over course but rather one that truly prepares us! Thank you
     MK – I like the fact that the course is take your attention and make you 100% focus on it and that’s because of the Pop-Up Quiz. Very satisfied with the quality of this course, in fact, I can say that this course is from the few that make you really understand and get the information without skipping the presentations. Proud that I take this course because it’s really gave me ALOT of information that I can use on my job, Thanks Kugan for everything.
     BC – As always with Kugan’s classes it was very well taught. I like that he focuses on what’s important and not so much what you just need to know is out there. It is very apparent that it is being taught with a lot of first hand experience. Thank you Kugan for making this available on line during these times.
     NB – I have taken a lot of online courses just like most of us. This course was what I expected and more. I feel that if the course takes longer then it says it’s a win for me the more knowledge the better. I recommend Mr. Kugan to anyone trying to obtain there CQM cert.
     EA – At first I didn’t like the assignments DFOW and QC Plan but am really glad they were included it helped it all make sense once all lessons were complete. Overall the course was very helpful and with some input from my job QC it all came together and gave me what I need for success.
     CG – I enjoyed the opportunity to complete items at my own pace. while classroom training forces you to complete this information in 2 days your ability to hold an retain the information is much improved in a format that allows you to complete items at your own pace. I have recommended the course for others in our organization and hope that this will continue to be offered in this format even after COVID-19. I want our employees to be properly trained and retain the information and feel that this learning style is best way to do so.

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