Construction Quality Management (CQM) – Online Student Testimonials

     JM – I had received my certs through the AGC programs before and I learned more from your course with the hands on exercises. I believe the most important part of the QC process is the the preparatory phase and a hands on exercise would help incoming students prepare. As I recall, my first attempt at preparing a preparatory meeting was not so good. Again I did appreciate the exercises for practicing the QC process.

   VQ – 100% satisfied. The way how each modules were presented and explained is effective. Kugan provided all what are the items need to be learned. Actual participation and hands-on with the quizzes, exercises and assignments made this course to be reliable and very educational. I confirmed, after completing the course, the individual could be confidently performing his responsibilities and duties as QC personnel on the Project. This is my 3rd time that I’m taking this training. I found this training one of the best training I had have. Kudos Kugan!

   CR – I like how detailed you were in breakdown of the course, including all of your own experiences that you shared with us. I do not believe anything in the course needs to be changed, this was a very in depth course, and I have already recommended it to several coworkers and acquaintances. Thank you very much for providing this online opportunity during these crazy times.

   JB – That the instructor was very familiar with all aspects of the course. He was very affirmative in letting me know that his interest was to get me to learn the material and showed a genuine concern in the way the course was presented and his willingness to help me succeed. Very satisfied with the course and rest assure I will return for recertification.

   TM – After being a part of several Gov. projects and not having my CQM this course shed a lot of light on why certain daily tasks were conducted. I also liked the fact I could complete this course on my own pace and rewind when I needed to if I needed to hear something a second time. I am satisfied with my course. I learned a lot that will help me with my career and the COR accepted it. Now I do not have to worry about being out of work due to training for 16 more hours.

   MA – The course was well laid out. The training plan that you utilized to explaining the the Construction Quality Management program within the slides and handouts was helpful to understanding how each element of CQM fits into the process. I am a ESH Manager who works closely with my Project’s QA Manager. I found the class to be interesting and helpful especially because the CQM process you presented closely follows the CQM process we are presently implementing on our project. I believe the integration of ESH into the CQM process helps to support both disciplines and shows how closely they are integrated.

   LL – I enjoyed the ease of reading and understanding the material. You really held my interest. I don’t recommend changing anything. This was one of the most comprehensive classes I have taken. I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues.

     AF – What aspects of the course did you like best? The information is precise and very handy. Compared to other online courses, this one was enjoyable and less tedious. Other comments? My most sincere congratulations for having done this online course and for making it easier for professionals to achieve this qualification.

     DA – The course is clear, the PDFs and the videos are perfect material to study and in case of doubts you can re-listen some parts. The course requires continued attention, no weakest aspects identified. Very satisfied!

     JW – Best: Module pdfs were strong and informative. Instructor was very knowledgeable and provided his own tips based on his experiences with the Government. Critique exercise of QC Plan was helpful. Module exercises and quiz system was good. Online program was good.

     AA – I liked how the course was structured, it was organized and informative. I liked that instructor was helpful and very knowledgeable in the subject. I did not really see anything weak that should be changed. I was satisfied with quality of this course and would recommend anyone in the construction industry to take it.

     HB – It’s best then class room training, the instructor is very supportive and responsive. Overall I like the training and would recommend others.

     DW – Great course and kept me entertained throughout. Kugan’s “cut the crap” approach worked very well with me and would highly recommend this course.

     AT – 1) The detailed description of the QCM roles and responsibilities and reference back to the specifications. I liked being able to take the course online because I was able to keep working, while taking this class. 2) I was satisfied with the course. It’s always good to go back and do a refresher to make sure you are still doing things correctly.

     JD – One of the things that I like best was the course was easy to follow and understand. I was really satisfied with all the chapters of the course and grateful that I was able to review and understand every task. Sometimes taking the course online have their issues but this was not the case.

     AM – This course is totally different than other online courses, the pop up quiz is the best idea to make the people watch and listen to the course. The overall quality of the course is really good, this is the first time I am doing this training, but I already knew about the three phases of control, DFOW, Inspections etc. But this course gave me some clear ideas about DFOWs and what are all the things need to be addressed in a QC Plan. Kugan is a strict trainer, he is not lenient for sure. I really appreciate that, that made me learn more and analyze my inputs in the assignment.

     LC – Kugan, Actually I think the course was pretty informative. I learned an incredible amount about CQCM. I am a Super and SSHO. All of our projects are federal and I often am expected to wear three hats. But what I have learned from this course is that I most often QC after the fact. It’s much easier that way. Now I realize how important the QC program is to getting good results. I will definitely practice what I have learned starting Mon. The course is very challenging and there is so much to absorb but your words of encouragement are very helpful. Thank you very much, and I appreciate it that you answer your phone when called.

     AG – The showing of where exactly in the study guide for “Construction Management for Contractors” are the requirements and references. Fill out the sample forms to get a more concrete feel on how they are used. Excellent course, the professor delivered the message from all its content very well. I would definitely come back if I need to get more certs.

     GA – I really enjoyed the exercises that had to be completed throughout the process. Especially when we had to review and comment on a QC Plan. This course provided an excellent refresher for the QC management process.

     TC – Kugan, I have taken your in-class course twice in the past, and what I can say as someone who has developed and managed several QC Management plans over the past 11 years, your on-line course is just as compressive and detailed into EVERY aspect of the QC Management operation as the in-class course. I would recommend in-class course for first time students, but I feel your on-line version is totally adequate for QC Managers renewing their certification. Thank you again.

     LL – Thank you very much for providing this class online. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. The best aspects I would say: 1) how you managed to compress the wide variety of topics and still able to get your points across. 2) how you successfully linked the Notes, Study Guide, the EM385-1-1 and exercise examples to support your points pertaining to the CQM requirements. 3) finally, how you have managed to provide this class successfully online.

     LC – I did like the format with the modules, I also liked having the DFOW and QC Plan assignments. This course made you learn the system. It is better than being in a class where you just try to remember everything on the test to pass.

     LR – I liked the questions at the end of each module because it helps repeat information that is critical to understand. I really enjoyed this course because I actually learned about QCM this time around and I’m able to relate it to my every day work. I feel like when you first get hired into the construction industry, they bombard you with training and the focus is more on getting all the appropriate certificates on file as soon as possible than the to learn anything. The online aspect also helps a lot especially in my industry; I’ve changed projects 4 times and had to travel to 3 different states during the month I took this course.

     LP – I found the course overall very satisfactory, because the lessons are clear, explained in a simple and intuitive way. Furthermore, some modules are recurring and this has allowed me to metabolize and acquire more mastery in comparison to a unique and isolated explanation. The course allowed me to understand the benefits of Quality Control Management in a simple and intuitive way.

     MV – The arguments were explained clearly and completely. The method of development allowed me to follow the course in a reasonable time and taking advantage of the moments when I was not working. Being able to continue step by step has made it possible to learn the topics well.

     DH – I like the format of this online course. I appreciate the ability to stop go back and review materials that I am not clear on or perhaps mis-understood. I did not think any aspect of this was weak. In fact I felt it was a quality training program from start to finish. I was very satisfied with the quality of this course. Thank you for making it available online during this pandemic.

     SC – Upon completion of the CQM course presented by Mr. Kugan. I feel confident that I will be capable and well informed of the procedures with respect to feeling the role as a Quality Control Manager. My thanks to Mr Kugan and staff.

     AC – First I would like to thank Engr. Kugan for the learnings, I really appreciate what you are doing. It was a pleasure to be in your class (online). I was seeking answers for this a long time and I made it. I like the concept that the class was given online, great opportunity for me and others who are busy on their work and activity. Overall, I’m very much satisfied on completing this course, very blessed… looking forward for another class (EM 385-1-1 8hrs). Thank you very much.

     PH – This is the 2nd time I took the CQMC (1st time with you). I felt like I learned more and retained more from your course. I thought the information was presented in a methodical, logical manner. I did not consider any of the course weak or in need of change. Overall, I thought the quality of the course to be very good.

     TS – It was great to be able to work on the course at my convenience and be able to come back at a later date to continue if I was not able to finish a module for some reason. It was also good to get exposure to the sample spec sections provided to understand what to expect and where to look in our own project specifications for specific items. I am satisfied, it think it serves as a good reminder of the important aspects of a project and how important each piece is. Not having worked on a Navy project before it was good to be exposed to the different acronyms and the structure of how the Navy works and what to expect.

     ML – I chose to take this course vs. in person because I like the convenience of doing it on my own time. The course was very thorough and you could tell Kugan really wanted us to do a good job. I can’t really say there are any weaknesses or that anything needs to be changed. I am satisfied with the course and would recommend to my colleagues. Thank you.

     SS – In this course, I liked the assignments that were assigned to the students. I believe that the hands on training allowed me to understand how a QC Plan is developed and submitted to the Government for their review and acceptance.

     CL – I liked the lectures by Kugan on the various topics presented. He is very thorough and clearly explains the concepts. Additionally, he puts the information in the context of actual implementation of a project and that demonstrates the importance of the CQM principles.

     VC – Mr. Kugan’s way of teaching is the best part of the course. I have taken the class about 4 times before but I seemed to have learnt a lot more this time. Mr. Kugan is very thorough, patient and very passionate about what he is teaching. I am very satisfied with the course and have already recommended 2 of my colleagues to take it.

     CG – The course was taught from real government specifications and a legit Quality Control Plan. Teaching from the specifications allows me to apply what I learned in the course to my every day work.

     RC – I really enjoyed how the course structure flowed into each module, it made it very easy to retain the given information while learning more. I didn’t find any aspects that needed improvement, overall I would recommend this course to anyone interested in this type of training.

     AA – I liked the way the course was organized and the online self paced aspect was very good as it allows you to digest the material thoroughly. I also think the presentation was very focused and clear.

     PC – Overall I was very pleased with the quality of the content and presentation in this program. This was my fourth time taking the CQCM course through Kugan. As usual, the course was top notch and covered the full gambit of matters dealing with the CQCM process. It is good to catch up on the subtle changes that the Government has implemented to the program over the years.

     SD – Knowing you were only a phone call away was reassuring and gave me complete respect for you and the course. Thank You, Kugan

     JM – The course aspects that I liked the best were that the content was presented in a way that encourages the student to learn by listening, reading, reviewing and performing practical exercise. I do not fell that there were weak aspects of this training, i truly enjoyed it. I have already implemented some of the content into my current work.
Thank you very much, excellent training and I highly recommend it!

     EB – Great course, very informative, really liked the timely response from Kugan on the assignments and phone calls.

     JN – Aspects of the course I liked best were the methods used to keep the student engaged through each module. This engagement gave the student the opportunity to remain 100% involved in the learning process. I was thoroughly satisfied with the quality and engagement of this course. The quality of exercises and written assignments allows the student to reinforce their understanding of the material.

     EM – What aspects of the course did you like best? Being my 2nd time (renewal), and practicing QA for the last 5 years on a USAF project, I can say that the course is really very relevant and helpful to all involved in a US government project CQM type of work.

     MA – The course was pretty extensive, covered all the QC aspects the personnel need to be familiar with. Given the pandemic and the tough times we are living in, can not be more grateful for the quick turnaround and having this course ready and available for trainees. The communication can not be better for sure, Thank you Mr. Panchadsaram for reaching out to us and helping even on weekends.

     CS – Very informative and appreciated being able to take virtually. Also very much appreciated your very quick responses to an questions I had and quick returns on grading exercises….you must never sleep. Instruction style for sure made you pay attention, take notes, highlight text, research websites, in-short…..learn/care.

     RB – Kugan did an excellent job for student involvement through an online course and ensuring that the students were learning the necessary material. I was very satisfied with the quality of the course and I had learned a lot and it will certainly benefit me in the future. Thank You Very Much

     DS – The instructor was knowledgeable in the course material.
One could tell that the instructor wanted to teach the course which made the course interesting and engaging (typically this could be lost since it was in a virtual setting vs an actual classroom setting).

     DG – I have been doing government contracting for the last 15 years and this course is extremely in depth and covered all aspects of government contracting. Wish I would have taken this course sooner.

     MD – I liked the fact that the course was structured well. Each module had a handout along with associated video(s) and you could not proceed to the next module without completing the former module. The time required for each video was provided which allowed for effective time management. You were always able to easily determine exactly where you were in terms of place within the course/modules as well as % complete. I have over 30 years of construction experience. Primarily as a Project Manager and/or Resident Engineer. From this course, I learned that the way the “Corps” executes construction (particularly in the area of QA/QC) is the way most private entities try to execute construction. The degree of success with respect to quality depends on the commitment exhibited by the parties involved.

     ST – This class was like no other I have ever taken before, it was very informative and well taught and informed with all the proper and up to date information . To top it off it kept you on your feet the whole way through with pop up questions to make sure you were their and paying attention , well put together great class! Thank You.

     ML – The videos are easy to follow and the highlighting and underlining are great to breakdown the content. The exercises were a good way to let someone with zero construction experience get their feet wet and verify their understanding of the content. This course is invaluable and I learned a lot more than I expected especially for being an online course. I think this was really put together well and with a thought out process for learning the content.

     GL – I liked the fact that I was able to download everything and follow along with him as he read and make my own notes as well as mark his highlights, the repetition was helpful as well. I was extremely satisfied with this course it covered more in subject matter and in more depth than most online courses that I have taken, excellent course thanks you very much .

     BH – I learned a lot from this course. My colleagues all took the course in person, but I found learning this way a better use of time. Having been an educator at the university level, it is hard to teach online. It would be interesting to see how you teach this in person, or if you teach the same format… read the text and then give some insight. I am a big hands on learner, so doing the assignment, not the questions in this course, allowed me the greatest opportunity to learn the material with a greater understanding.

     JS – I found Mr. Kugan’s CQM course to be extremely informative and engaging. I enjoyed Mr. Kugan’s delivery of the subject matter, his manner kept my attention and was very thought-provoking. I appreciate the opportunity to have been a part of this educational program and I recommend Mr. Kugan’s courses for anyone that seeks a broad but detailed course in Certified Quality Management. Thank you to Mr. Kugan for a comprehensive, professional, and interesting curriculum!

     MM – The best thing about this course was the way you set it up to keep us engaged and honest. The material was presented clearly and repeatedly which made it easy for me to understand. Overall I give this course an A+ in the quality of the material presented and appreciate the time you take in making sure we get the most out of it.

     JF – I enjoyed the convenience of the online course and the obvious knowledge of the instructor. It felt very much like a personalized course and was more in depth than I anticipated for an online training course.

     PN – I enjoyed the entire process. The class i took prior wasn’t this involved at all and honestly don’t even think they bothered grading the tests. I feel as if I actually learned something this time around.

     NB – I enjoyed the presentation and break down of the DFOW’s. This really helped me realize how much more does get involved when dealing with new construction or retrofitting a building. Seeing the bigger picture is really key to success in this industry. I am very satisfied with the course and the coursework. This will definitely give me an advantage over my peers in the workplace. Thank you for taking the time to make this class online, due to COVID-19 I thought it would be a struggle to find a course. You have made this an enjoyable experience.

     MG – This class was very informative. I have been in the underground utility construction industry for 20 years and as I was always told learning never stops and Kugan really shoots it straight and delivers this course at high level. I don’t have any complaints. I like the fact that its broke down into modules and you can do it at any time. Nothing about this course was weak and I was totally satisfied and learned a lot.

     TF – I was satisfied with the course. So much so I’ve instructed my office to enroll three of my current inspectors and will be adding your course to my SSPC QP5 Quality Program making it a requirement for new hires. The pop quiz should be a must for all online courses. Great tool.

     CS – I really thought it was a good course and it explained details of the QC process that I hadn’t paid attention to before. I appreciated understanding the Govt role in the process and seeing that it was a team effort. I took this class not to become a QCM but to understand what my Quality Control personnel need to know and do to be able to better support them throughout the process and ensure a quality end product and happy client. I highly recommend this class for other Project Managers.

     DB – The course was good at breaking down the different aspects of CQCM and putting them back together to create a big picture idea of the role and responsibilities of not only the QC manager himself but the idea behind quality control on the construction site. I appreciated the format that the course was conducted in. The PDF classroom was easy to follow and participate in and Kugan was very responsive to the submitted assignments. It is very convenient given the global pandemic that we are still able to receive good quality control management training from the safety of our homes or remote offices and stay safe and healthy.

     TN – It was very detailed. It seemed a little bit extensive compared to the actual QC class put on by the Army Corp of Engineers.

     CB – I really liked how you broke up the sections in to manageable pieces through this course. You gave good instruction on when to take breaks which allowed me to get through it efficiently and effectively. As a graduate with a BA in Construction Management, this course helped refresh my memory on the topics I had learned through my time in school. It also highlighted new areas specific to working for government entities.

     SP – I thoroughly enjoyed taking your course. I appreciate how in-depth and informative you are. Using the class assignments to actually work through the different sections was a great help in understanding and working the process. Please continue with the excellent work that you are doing sir, and I really appreciate your efforts. Thank you very much. I wouldn’t change a thing. Great class and I will highly recommend it to all that need it in the future. I look forward to taking it again with you in 5 years for recertification.

     SS – I have been thru 2 classroom QC classes in the past, and this on line course is much more comprehensive and educational. The periodic end of module quizzes and project assignments make you go back, reread, research, and think about your responses. Kugan does an excellent job of going into detail and explaining all aspects of the QC system from start to finish. Nothing should be changed. The government should require all QC reps to take this class as a prerequisite to represent their firms on any government project.

     RB – The course was very well authored and delivered. Mr. Pachadsaram was very clear and concise on those areas that may need more explanation, but overall, still covered the complete requirements to become a Certified QC Manager. His knowledge of the topic, rules and regulations was exemplary and his delivery skills (use of markings and so forth) was above reproach. I most strongly recommend this course to anyone that wants to learn online, and I will most definitely take other courses that are offered by his company.

     TR – The course was overall excellent. I liked that the content was easy to understand, but was backed up with actual construction specifications and other information. It made me feel like I had a strong grasp on the subject while also seeing the real-world application. I was overall very satisfied with the course and would take more of Kugan’s classes in the future.

     EC – Aspects I like the best were the toggling between other important documents related to course. It helped elaborate the curriculum at hand. Instructions were simple and to the point. Overall, I learned and understood what I thought was impossible. Thank you to Team Kugan.

     DA – I have taken both the live courses and the online course and the online version holds up. It was a good idea to have homework items to apply the ideas being taught. I am satisfied with the course. Thanks.

     SS – The facilitator described comprehensively each single related subjects of the CQM. Made it easy to understand the objective of CQM. I liked the methodology of this online course and communication system. I learned a lot and my academic knowledge in the field of CQM improved.

     MR – First and foremost Thank you for allowing me to attend considering the pandemic we are all going thru. Your class is very informative and I learned so much from your lectures. The materials were also very informative, which I will be utilizing henceforth. Overall, I would recommend your course to others and will defiantly share the word with other contractors. Thank you again for all your assistance and look forward to future classes.

     JS – This course was very thorough. I have been in construction for 7 years and over 4 of them have been in the Federal Contracting world. I’ve seen and used most of what this course is about, but still learned a lot throughout the modules. I appreciated the accurate time stamps related to each module to help me plan my training schedule and minimize interruptions as well.

     AM – The handouts/pdfs were helpful and can easily be referred to (if saved/printed) after the class is over. Kugan did a good job of explaining all aspects of QCM. I also appreciate how Kugan, even though it was an online/recorded training, made sure we knew he was available for questions/issues.

     CP – This course might be digital and online, but the way that Mr. Kugan has incorporated the exercises and quizzes make this course friendly to anyone even with no QCM knowledge. This course makes you really understands all the different aspects of a QCM.

     MG – Your belief and experience in CQM made the tone and detail of the course enjoyable to follow along with. Some courses you can tell the instructor is not interested or experienced in the topic, or worse… is experienced and still not interested in the topic. This was not one of those courses. When reviewing the end of section questions, your review was a nice balance of this is the answer, and this is why it’s the answer.

     JR – I liked the downloadable modules for being able to follow teaching. There were not really any weak areas during course. Having worked on USACE projects before, they are by the QCM book. Having CQM training is a must. A student will need everything taught in this course to succeed with Government projects. Kugan’s CQM course is great training for that.

     SW – Thanks so much for you and your associates making this CQM training so real, I have been in Construction 42 years in the private industry, and I thought I had I grip on things, your CQC training has really opened my eyes on what I didn’t know, the past 1 1/2 years been doing Government contracts as a Sub, next week I start my first 2 Government contracts as the Prime and you and your associates have prepared me for this great Adventure upcoming